Questions to Ask A Home Health Care Agency Before Hiring Them

Questions To Ask A Home Health Care Agency Before Hiring Them: Have you ever had the experience of buying a product or service only to realize later that there were questions you wish you knew to ask up front? One of the advantages I have is that I've been through ... Read more »

Visiting Parents

Digging through old articles in my inbox led me to this gem from Holiday Spy Kit: 8 Clues Your Aging Parents Aren't OK The 3 items that jumped out at me were: Give a big hug. Look for: Obvious weight loss. Anything from depression to cancer to difficulty ... Read more »

How to Handle an Elderly Parent That Won't Bathe (Infographic)

It's part of dealing with an aging parent. At some point, they may stop bathing. We've created a short infographic to help you with what to do when your parent is not bathing. "Encompass Senior Solutions solves the challenges families face in caring for aging parents, with a focus on ... Read more »

What To Do With a Wandering Parent


This month, published a story about a missing 84-year-old man from Lancaster County. The man has Alzheimers disease and dementia. After being reported missing, he was found a day later in Lyons, Kansas. At Encompass, we hear stories like this all the time from families with loved ones ... Read more »

Tips for Moving Parents to Assisted Living (Infographic)

Moving elderly parents to assisted living is a major transition. To help, we've created this "roadmap" to help with your journey. "Encompass Senior Solutions solves the challenges families face in caring for aging parents, with a focus on strategies that keep them in their homes. To learn more about our ... Read more »

Helping Elderly Parents Transition into a New Home


Leaving their Home Transitioning to a new home can be an emotional experience, especially if there is an attachment to the old home. Jeanette Franks, PhD, from A Place for Mom, shares an experience with a friend that found leaving her home emotional. Franks explains to make the transition easier ... Read more »

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